Below you find the list of our mares and the available embryos.

ICSI Possibilities

After years of enthusiastic breeding and following up on the sport we have noticed how quickly everything is evolving. Just watch a video from just 10 years ago… We expect horses to be faster and more careful as the obstacle material gets lighter and higher.

We are therefore very aware that breeding a future Grand Prix horse will become increasingly difficult because these days good is not good enough anymore. That is why we have put together a very selective group of broodmares which, according to our standards, are more than worthy to apply the renewed ICSI technique.

What does ICSI mean?

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI is an innovative technique of medically assisted reproduction in which one sperm is inserted directly into an egg, ie an artificial fertilization.

This technique offers the opportunity to cross-breed the genes of top horses. For example, semen from exclusive stallions is used in combination with the best mare bloodlines in the world. The resulting embryo is then frozen and later placed in a surrogate mare.

Implantation in surrogate mare

We work closely with a specialized center where the frozen embryos can be scheduled in a surrogate mare. We offer the follow-up of this service on request.


It is possible to have your embryo insured via Catherine de Buyl Horse Insurance. This insurance covers the pregnancy guarantee, abortion and mortality risk up to 120 days after birth. We can offer the start-up of this service on request.


As soon as the recipient mare is pregnant for 45 days, you have the choice of picking up the mare or place it for rearing with us. Our rearing options offer both foaling and rearing the first years of life.

Purchase possibilities

When purchasing ICSI embryos we offer you the following options:

  • Option 1: You pay a one-time purchase amount for the frozen embryo. With this option you have the possibility to have the embryo implanted and monitored by us. Another possibility is to send the embryo to your desired location. You also have the option, without obligation, to extend this option with an insurance.
  • Option 2: You pay the purchase amount of the frozen embryo in two parts. With this option you are obliged to have the embryo implanted and monitored by us. All costs of implantation are included in the price, the rent of the broodmare is not included. You also have the option, without obligation, to extend this option with an insurance.
  • Option 3: You pay a one-time purchase amount for the implanted embryo in a broodmare of at least 45 days gestation. Price only upon request . This option is only available with some combinations. You also have the option, without obligation, to extend this option with an insurance.

Below you find the list of our mares and the available embryos.

1. Gagnante de Muze: First dam is the legendary “Fragance du Chalus”

(Querlybet Hero x Fragance du Chalus)

Querlybet Hero, who jumped at the highest level himself, carries the genes of Baloubet du Rouet in combination with Narcotique de Muze II and then directly Querly Chin.

On mother's side we have Fragance du Chalus, one of the best ancestors in the world and here directly the mother of Gagnante de Muze. Some of Gagnante de Muze's notable siblings are:

Mylord Carthago 1m60, Arc en Ciel 1m60, Vodka Orange 1m60, Bamako de Muze 1m60, Norton d’Eole 1m60, ….

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2. Souvenir van de Heffinck: “1m60 Mare” with sport offspring

(Heartbreaker x Pachat II)

This mare jumped at 1m60 level herself (with riders like Harry Theeuwes, Kristof Cleeren and Wilm Vermeir).

Due to the modern and thoroughbred look it is pretty obvious Souvenir van de Heffinck is a daughter of the legendary Heartbreaker. Heartbreaker known by all for his incredible career and his enormous stamp on modern breeding.

On mother's side we see the “Kinnete” tribe. He brought us a lot of sport horses: Quelle Homme vd Heffinck 1m60, Grand Cru vd five Oaks 1m60, CP Aprilla 1m60, Its Lotto 1m60,….

Souvenir van de Heffinck is already mother of two 1m50 horses including Bentley van T&L.

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3. Indra van den Bisschop: Volle zus van BWP Ambassadeur “Dulf van den Bisschop”

(Heartbreaker x Libero H)

At the age of nine Heartbreaker already jumped successfully 1m60 Grand Prix. One of the highlights in Heartbreakers international career in show jumping is without a doubt the fourth place in the Aachen Grand Prix. His rider, Peter Geerink, once stated : 'He has the heart of a lion and a gallop that many bigger horses would envy.'

In the world of showjumping horse breeding Indra's mother, Secret Love Wonderland, enjoys name and fame. Four sons of this Libero H daughter have already been approved as stallions namely Dulf van den Bisschop, Arizona (ex-Flinston van den Bisschop), Holland van den Bisschop and Maestro van den Bisschop. Secret Love Wonderland also gave her business card several times in show jumping being the mother of Holland van den Bisschop (who performs at 1m60 level with Remco Been), Estina van den Bisschop (we could see her in 2013 under the saddle Samantha McIntosh during the World Cup classes).

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4. Tiara M: Sister to “C-Trenton Z” 1m60

(Cento x Calypso II)

On father's side we see the blood of Otto Beckers once in a lifetime horse “Cento” (Dobels Cento).

The stallion of the national coach Otto Becker experienced many successes in his time as a jumping horse. The duo won Olympic team gold and were part of the gold team at the European Championships. In the breeding he has also left an impressive mark already !

We see many approved stallions on mother's side. Tiara M is also the sister of the Grand Prix horse C Trenton Z of Angelique Hoorn who performed at the highest level.

Tiara M herself gave birth to Oak Grove's Battle Cry 1m55 and Cristel 1m50.

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5. Gazelle de la Pomme: ¾ Sisiter to “Vagebond de la Pomme”

(Kashmir van Schuttershof x For Pleasure)

On father's side we see Kashmir van Schuttershof who was successful in the sport under Philippe Lejeune. He was also the rider of Kashmir's famous father, Nabab de Reve. Today Kashmir is known as one of the best sires with off springs who are active at the highest level.

On mother's side we see the mare line of Qerly Chin who gave birth to Narcotique de Muze II, who herself is the mother of Sauterelle de la Pomme STX. Sauterelle de la Pomme STX is the mother of this Gazelle de la Pomme but also the mother of Vagebond de la Pomme 1m60, Ceasar de la Pomme 1m50, Hermione de la Pomme 1m45,…

Gazelle de la Pomme her oldest descendant Kentucky de la Pomme competes at 1m50 level. Gazelle de la Pomme was also named mother of the moment to the best 5-year-old jumping horse (Paratheos Optimus) in the spring of 2020 according to the Hippomundo rankings.

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6. Cordiana Hero Z: Daughter of “Gatoucha van ‘t Roosakker”, the legendary “Usha” line

(Cornet Obolensky x Diamant de Semilly)

Cordiana Hero Z is a half-sister of Tinkoucha Hero Z (CSI 1m60 - Leonie Peeters), Attoucha Hero Z (CSI 1m45 - Piergiorgio Bucci), Kastello (CSI 1m45 - Natalia Stefańska) and Alana Hero Z (CSI 1m45 - Melanie Gelin).

Grandmother Gatoucha van 't Roosakker herself jumped at 1m50 level with Michael Korompis and herself is a daughter of Atoucha van' t Roosakker. This Atoucha is the mother of Electra van 't Roosakker (CSI 1m60 - Jos Lansink), Horpleasure van' t Roosakker (CSI 1m60 - Écurie Bouhana) and many others…

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7. Jenna van ’t Meulenhof: Full sister of Emerald

(Diamant de Semilly x Carthago)

Diamant de Semilly is the father of Jenna van 't Meulenhof. Diamant and his rider Eric Levallois made important contributions to the successes of the French team.

Jenna van 't Meulenhof offers the unique opportunity to buy a full sister to the international jumping star Emerald van' t Ruytershof and Diamanthina V / H Ruytershof (BWP performance line 69). Harrie Smolders collects numerous victories and placings with the BWP elite stallion Emerald during international five-star jumpings, GCT competitions, World Cups and Nations Cups. Emerald's full sister Diamanthina has herself a very successful international palmares. Diamanthina is the mother of two approved BWP stallions (Kentucky van 't Ruytershof (in 2013) and Le Blue Diamand van' t Ruytershof (in 2014)) and the grandmother of the approved BWP stallion Jilbert van 't Ruytershof. Fragile van 't Meulenhof, a half-sister of Jenna, is jumping at international level just like Ilusionata van' t Meulenhof, also a half-sister of Jenna, who we have seen already at the highest show jumping sport this year.

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